Reformer Buying Guide

What’s important to look for in a quality machine:

  • Although timber can be good aesthetically, we suggest looking for solid/steel construction. A vast majority of reformers have timber included which can warp over a short time, particularly in warmer climates. 
    The Benefits of Steel include Eco-friendly construction, durability, Forest Preservation, Pest Resistant, Energy Efficient and Recyclability.
  • Look at the tracking – ideally the machine has stainless steel tracking, and moves smoothly and silently
  • Look into the pulley system to see what the joints are made of and if they move freely / rotate smoothly. Pulley raises have been a safety issue in the past as the load on this part is high and causes bending (imagine it snapping when a patient/client is using the machine.

  • If you aren’t handy and the thought of an Ikea flat pack alone makes you tremble then you may need to consider a machine that comes assembled. They can be quite tricky to assemble and can be unsafe if not assembled correctly.
  • We understand the challenges of this, especially when tolling isn’t usually provided, and thus all of our machines are delivered and 90% assembled for your convenience.   
  • What features are important to you? And how often are you planning on using it?
  • Although initial outlay may be higher, the resale value is generally a lot stronger on reputable machines.
  • Look for fitted wheels for easy movement inside your clinic/studio or home.
  • When searching for a portable machine make sure you explore the finished weight, and consider if you may need to wheel the machine to compact areas. 
  • Various websites claims their equipment is portable however they usually weigh 40kgs+ (our portable reformer weighs 17kgs)
  • As the investment in equipment is an expensive one, it is important to make sure you purchase from a company that you can reach out to afterwards (with a fair warranty process) if you have any concerns with your machine.  Machines do require some upkeep to run safely and efficiently, so make sure the seller provides you access to springs/rope-wear and replacement parts that suit the machine when you need to replace it, including locally accessible and available parts.

We hope our guide assists in making your search for the perfect reformer an easy one!

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