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trapformer™ premium


Introducing the new dma clinical pilates™ Trapformer Premium

This Clinical Pilates Reformer machine combined with a Trapeze, is perfect for practices with limited space, sole practitioners and home users as we combine a complete Clinical Reformer with a Trapeze Table. It’s easy to transform from Reformer to Trapeze, by inserting the reformer plinth table, attaching springs and trapeze seat, adjustable shoulder rests, and varying the Upper and Lower Swing bars  to your needs. Made of high quality Australian steel this is the perfect machine to use for your whole pilates repetoire.
The Trapformer Premium comes with the included accessories: #2 x 101 Long Gold Springs #2 x 102 Long Silver springs #2 x 103 Heavy Short Gold Springs #2 x 104 Ex Heavy Black Springs  #2 x 105TT Standard Silver Springs #Lower Swing Bar #Foot/hand Loops #Safety Chain #Pull Down Bar #Upper Swing Bar #Detachable Trapeze Seat #Reformer Plinth #Jump Board #Reformer Box 2.0

L 290cm W 58cm H 210cm weight= 60kg
5 Year Warranty
Can hold weights of up to 450+kgs

Freight will vary for WA/NT customers and will be manually calculated
Want to see the Trapformer in action? for a demo video, contact

We recommend a metre of space either side of any equipment for safety




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